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A company’s bottom line does not depend just on the product it creates but also on the services it provides and the kind of marketing it does. In this fast-paced world, people are looking out for ways which will help them finish their tasks in as little time as possible. Hence, they opt for online services to accomplish their tasks. This makes it essential that every company concentrates on creating a website to market itself and its customer services. Meeting with web development companies who will be able to create such a website thus, becomes essential. These are the services that these companies provide.

Strategic Planning
Web development teams extract the requirements of the company and reflect these requirements in the website that they create. A good website design is implemented and delivered only after proper strategic planning. Proper planning with pre-implementation process considerations helps to maximize the potential of the project and thus, deliver a better product.

Email Marketing
Email marketing acts as an effective advertising tool. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on physical advertisements, email marketing provides a way to promote one’s business through e-mails. It helps in increasing the exposure that the company gets,

How to Track Website Visitors

The advent of the Internet has ushered instant access and connectivity to individuals, and information at a click of the mouse. This technology has enabled users across the globe to establish contact with one another in an instant, and this could be to promote business or on a personal level. However, along with the excitement of attracting website visitors and profitable website hits is the need to track website visitors. Anonymity comes easily to users of the technology, and so does pseudo identity. This does get to the individual and the online businesses that are part of the online community, at some time or the other.

It hardly matters if you are a journalist, blogger, or any regular user of technology, the need to track visitors is undeniable. You could be a person exploring trends, with the intent of becoming productive, but how can you be safeguarded from the scrupulous attempts to sabotage and misuse the personal information you fed online. Today, with the increase in cybercrime, there is technology and software marketed within a dedicated resource base that ensures the timely tracking and sifting of web traffic.

There are quite a number of ways that are now applicable for

Professional Logo Design Tips

Take some time off and think about the brand of any product that you are commonly using. What is it that you can remember about the logo of this particular brand? Does it incorporate a graphic or just text? If so, are you able to recall the colors or even the font used? If yes, then this is the sign of a successful design and advertising strategy.

Companies who need to establish an identity of the product or brand need to use a logo. It is the face of the company and conveys a message about it to the public. It should be very attractive and appealing and can make use of graphics, text, symbols, and calligraphy.

Tips to Design the Perfect Logo

There are many aspects designers need to keep in mind when it comes to a logo design:
You must take into account the business of the company. It should say either in a direct manner or through a symbolic way, what the company stands for. The design must be able to connect with the audience so that the product is associated with the logo very easily. It is not mandatory to convey the business of the company, but

How to Reuse And Recycle Your Work

People working in the fields of computers and information technology; from programmers and dedicated network engineers to creative graphic designers will all agree with the adage: ‘Reuse and Recycle’.

Now, what is meant by reuse and recycle? Let’s take an example from the point of view of a designer. He has been handed a project to design the GUI for an online games portal. Logos, color scheme, and content have been provided. Out of sheer habit, he opens his favorite layout software and starts to visualize the layout. For reference, he goes through many other sites dealing in online games and stuff.

Here an experienced designer will certainly go into details like navigation structure, usability issues, target audience, and media to be used (flash, html, etc.) for that particular project. By knowing these things, he may start his work in the same software, which the previous artists had chosen but with a few distinct differences. This artist knows that his site will be accessed more by viewers having 1024 x 768 screen resolution or more, and 90% of them will be equipped with flash players. Also, he is using the plug-in, as he knows that 75% or more users will

How to Create a Photo Gallery Website?

Poetry is a speaking picture while a picture is a silent poetry! You would definitely want to publish these silent poems on your website! Won’t you? Here’s how you go about …

A photo gallery is basically a collection of your pictures and home videos, which you can organize on your website. You can view and manage your photos and upload new ones in the gallery. Photo galleries offer functions of uploading and editing as well as organizing the uploaded pictures.

There are mainly two ways to make a photo gallery website:
Photo Gallery Software: – There are many software available, some of which are freely downloadable. Picasa is one of such software. Community server is another, which works on the asp.net platform. One needs a license for its commercial use. In choosing your software, check the platforms it supports and the protocol it uses for the upload operations. Don’t ignore the licensing strategies used by the software. See if it supports iptc and geotagging. These are processes concerned with associating metadata to your images. Does that sound complicated? Actually, it’s not very difficult. Firstly, these software come with a good explanation of how they function and going through their

Web Design and Development Software

The Internet is emerging as a popularly-used communication medium, due to its widespread and effective reach. Almost everyone has their own website, be it a corporate website or a personal webpage. If you have been shying away from the thought of designing your own webpage, you must know that there exist a variety of web development and designing software that can help you with the designing as well as development of webpages and websites.

Different Kinds of Web Design Software

Web design is the aesthetic aspect of creating websites and webpages, and deals with all designing elements. The web designing process can be defined as the process of conceptualizing, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery over the Internet in the form of a markup language that is suitable for interpretation by a web browser, and can be displayed as a graphical user interface. Web designing includes all facets like typography, graphics, and color management. There is a variety of software to facilitate the web development process; similarly, the varieties of software applications available for web designing are plentiful.

Adobe Flash
Adobe Flash is a proprietary graphics and animation application development program. It is used to generate and transfer dynamic

Choosing a Professional Website Design and Development Company

Of course, if business houses should have an Internet presence, individuals too will follow suit. It is almost compulsory for various professionals, like singers, dancers, and even authors, to have an Internet presence today.

The best way to have an Internet presence is to have a website. The importance of a website, how it looks, how user-friendly it is, cannot overemphasized. Actually speaking, websites are as important to the business as the office in the real world is. Just like how we do thorough research as to which color pattern would suit our offices, we have to decide which color combination best represents the business on the Internet.

There are a number of ways to set up a website. One can create a website with the number of free templates available over the Internet and set it up manually. Making a website is simple for anyone with a basic knowledge of software, Internet, and the computer. How wrong can you go with uploading a file via FTP anyway? However, to have a professional look and touch to your website, you need to hire a suitable web design company for the task.

Professional Website Design

Professional website design companies are a one-stop shop